Top reasons to hire Canadian customs brokers


If you are eyeing international trade, or want to make money through imports & exports, your immediate concern should be about hiring a customs broker. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is in charge of border control and customs services in the country. Before anything else, it should be mentioned that getting a customs broker is not mandatory for importing. If you know what it takes to keep up with compliance, payment of duties and taxes, and other regulations, you can manage on your own. However, working with a known broker, such as Clearit Canadian customs clearance, has many benefits. In this post, we are sharing more on why importers prefer customs brokers. 

  1. Understand the process. International trade laws are complicated, and often hard to understand. More importantly, regulations, duties, laws, and other compliance needs related to importing are subject to change. For an average importer, keeping up with all that isn’t easy. All customs brokers in Canada are licensed by the CBSA, and you can rely on them for their expertise. 
  2. Avoid the mistakes. Any mistake in your documentation or paperwork can have serious consequences. Also, if you have never worked with the Canadian customs, comprehending GST and taxes is not always simple. A customs broker can ensure that there are no mistakes in the processing, so that your goods can be cleared easily at the port of arrival. 
  3. Handling the volume. For commercial and regular importers, the biggest challenge is compliance and working with the CBSA. If you hire a customs broker, they will handle everything, including high volume of goods you are importing. Many services are open all 7 days of the week, and you can expect to get help at all Customs ports in the country. 

Finding the right customs broker

While all customs brokers are licensed and operate as per the industry norms, not every service is the same. Trade between the US and Canada is more frequent, so if the customs broker works in both countries, that’s always an advantage. You can expect the broker to be available for your needs, and it is wise to check if the service can offer consulting services. Many customs brokers double up as consultants for importers, so as to mitigate risks and take more calculative decisions. 

Even for one-time importers, customs brokers can offer incredible support. Check online for the top names and find more about the work profile of the concerned customs brokerage service. 

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