This is the Standard boat as pictured with Centre console,

Theres a number of options, the cheapest form of a boat is a tiller steer model with back seat and checker plate floor, basic anchor well,

it also comes ready for the water
with side hatchs,
bunged and side handles x 4
rod holders
 2 x side hatchs,
Bow roller and bollard with front U bolt for trailer,
Trailers Options,
we recommend Seahull 4.0m Galv trailer, with tilt and motor support,

Supports the boat on the hull line ie looking after your investment,

Options and Accessories include,

Front wind sheild for deck,

Floor plate,

Side rails,

Rear grab rails,

Boarding ladder,

Front Ramp cover,

Front bench seat and Anchor well,

Side console,

Centre console

Console Mk1

Console Mk2

Console rails,

Console windsheilds,

Bench Seat Side console,
Pedastool seat and Sponge,
Padded Chilly bin Seat.

30hp outboard motor mount for tiller,(comes on standard boats,)

40- 50hp motor mount,

Foam filling,

Engine supply and installation,


Length 3.9m  Width 1.9 meters, 
 Internal beam 1.4 meters
Height 800mm 
Internal height sides 500mm,
Boat hull weight 200kg( plastic only)can be up to 250kg
Tow weight approx 450kg

 Medium density polyethylene plastic,

recommended package 30hp electric start Yamaha remotes on console or tiller long shaft,  

Made in New Zealand

 white, Grey, Karaka, Green, Red, Orange, Mountian blue,
black, blue baby blue,  yellow, purple
also can do custom mixed colors,

Permanent graphics can be applied

These Seahull Catamarans are high performance ocean going catamaran work boats,

this is a very safe boat, its a double skin hull,  so has air bouyancy and can be foamed if needed,

Can be put through CE Certification or Survey if Required,  
Available, to Export,

We can bubble wrap and or wood package as required, Container loading,






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Rotational moulding oven New Zealand,
Rotational moulded products New Zealand,

Rotational moulding machines New Zealand,

Rotational mould makers New Zealand,

Seahull boats proudly made by WELDNZ and Roto King NZ




Seahull releases new
Amphibious trailer system
Mystery creek Fieldays 2015

Call for a test Ride today

November  2014

Seahull releases Mk 2 wheely boat for
Black Marlin Bach

October 2014
finishes commisioning
of its rotational molding oven,
started molding our own boats,

September 2014
Seahull designs a Beach Wheel system
for its 4.0m Catamaran
Dubbed the wheely boat, its fits
considering we can take wheel chairs,

September 2014

Seahull Exhibits at
 Auckland On water Boat show,


June 2014
16m Digger Vessel
 Launched, Named Resourceful


May 2014
16 m Digger Vessel
Ready for Launching

Feb 2014
16 m Digger Vessel
Design approved,


Jan 2014

to make and design a
16m x 6m Digger Vessel
35 tonne capacity

 Seahull Started
Construction of
 Rotomoulding Oven


Dec 2013
Seahull Black Demo Boat
 delivered to a diving company
on the Taranaki west coast NZ


Dec 2012 Seahull
 in the Shed Magazine,
Front Page,

15m Aluminium Barge
Nuie Island

Small Cargo Barges,
 Aluminium Barges
Ship to Shore
Container Cargo Barge,
 Aluminium Landing Craft,
Container Vessel,
Ship to shore Tender,

Previous Aluminium Barge
Built by