Beach Wheel set,

Swivel and Tilt Trailer,

Smart looking with good practical design,

The front has a loading ramp a built in access way,
This loading ramp can be hinged on order,
 Will Cater for Wheel chairs,

The performance of these type of catamaran boats is awesome very safe,
high performance  catamaran hull
Soft riding, Dry riding, Quiet at rest, Quiet riding,

these boats are double skinned Polyethylene plastic very durable, some are foam filled,


These Catamaran suit,

Commercial boating, Work Boat,Tender,
search and rescue boat, small landing craft,
small barge, rescue craft,
recreational boating fishing and diving,
boat tender, yacht tender, ship tender,
Farm Flood rescue craft, Farm Remote area access,
all types of safe boating,

  Catamaran boat, multihull boat, twin hull boat,
 Trihull boat, catamaran speed boat, boat manufacture,
NZ Marine Boat builder

Ship Tenders
We specialise in boat tendersfor ships,

Commercial boats and barges and small landing craft
built in Plastic or Aluminium or Steel to Survey

This Barge was built to carry a full 40ft Container
and be able to carry two 40ft containers side by side,
it was surveyed to carry 39 tonne,

16m x 6m Barge made by Seahull in 2014
 Aluminium work Barge made in New Zealand,

At Seahull we also make Landing vessels, Digger barges, Aluminium Landing barges
Custom designed aluminium landing craft and aluminium trailers, aluminium fabrication,

We have one of the very best fabrication facilities in NZ
and have a team of quality welders,

This barge was designed and built to survey for the Pitcairn trading company,
Its to be Kept in NZ and Hired out to Work in NZ and any where a ship may need a tender around the world for containers and machinery,

At Seahull we specialise in ship tenders and Large tenders self propelled barges
 that can be a Ships tender for carrying shipping containers or machinery to shore right down to your most budget and practical small tender for shore access anywhere,




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Seahull April 2017
Delivers Department of Conservation,
a new tender for their boat at Bays Water,
this Seahull 4.0m with a Seahull Cradle,

Seahull Feb 2017  Releases
new Galv trailer
basic Seahull design,
Tilt and flat deck lite weight,

Jan 2017 50hp test boat available to trial in NZ.

Dec 2016
All new Seahull designs and release
New 50hp engine transoms,

Seahull 2016
3 in 1 floating trailer dry dock system,

Seahull releases new plastic
 floater trailer system
Mystery creek Fieldays 2015

Seahull Prototype Floating  Aluminum
boat trailer

November  2014

Seahull Does Mk 2 wheely boat for
Black Marlin Bach

October 2014
finishes commisioning
of its rotational molding oven,
started molding our own boats,

September 2014
Seahull designs a Beach Wheel system
for its 4.0m Catamaran
Dubbed the wheely boat, its fits
considering we can take wheel chairs,

September 2014

Seahull Exhibits at
 Auckland On water Boat show,

June 2014
16m Digger Vessel
 Launched, Named Resourceful


May 2014
16 m Digger Vessel
Ready for Launching

Feb 2014
16 m Digger Vessel
Design approved,


Jan 2014

to make and design a
16m x 6m Digger Vessel
35 tonne capacity

 Seahull Started
Construction of
 Rotomoulding Oven


Dec 2013
Seahull Black Demo Boat
 delivered to a diving company
on the Taranaki west coast NZ


Dec 2012 Seahull
 in the Shed Magazine,
Front Page,

15m Aluminium Barge
Nuie Island

Small Cargo Barges,
 Aluminium Barges
Ship to Shore
Container Cargo Barge,
 Aluminium Landing Craft,
Container Vessel,
Ship to shore Tender,

Previous Aluminium Barge
Built by