Plasma (only) LGK40A cut up to 16mm

Single phase 230V,
5 Meter Plasma Torch


Name Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine  
Model LGK40
Peculiarity 1. High cutting frequency, up to 16mm;
2. With arc maintenance device, applicable to automatic cutting equipment;
3. touch and untouched arc initiation;
4. stable arc, long working time.
Main Technology Parameter Table
Power voltage (V): AC220 Power factor: 0.93 Rated input current(A): 22.1
No-load loss(W): 40 Output current (A): 20-40 Housing Protection grade: IP21
Rated output volt.(V): 96 Rated output current(A): 40 Insulation grade : B
Max thickness(mm): 16 Duty cycle (%): 60 Efficiency(%): 85
Weight (kg): 9 Dimensions (mm): 371153232s
Remark: power frequency:50HZ;
Machine Capacity: 4.9KVA Fuse Capacity: 20A Torch Cable: 4sq mm
Main Material Connecting Cable: 10 sq mm Earth Cable: 4sq mm Compressor Pressure 5KG
Rated Input Efficiency: 4.9KW Rated Output Efficiency: 3.8 No-load Voltage: 230V
Cutting Torch: - Torch Cable: -  


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