Suppliers of Owner Gas cylinders
New Zealand tested and approved by the NZ EPA.

Can be purchased as fill bottles or just as empty cylinders,
buy direct from the Importers,

Gas cylinders in New Zealand for sale and hire

full or empty gas cylinders
for industrial or domestic applications
filled with allsorts of gas bottles in NZ including Welding gas cylinders
 for industrial and domestic gas cylinders,
Argon Gas cylinders and Argo shield Gas Cylinders and Oxygen Cylinders,
Acetylene Cylinders, Acetylene Filling

Owner Gas cylinder filling and exchange and argon cylinder swapping NZ,
New Gascylinder prices NZ,







A Size reconditioned Cylinder $380 inc GST

D Size with Argon  $560 inc GST

F Size with Argon $850 inc GST

G size with argon $1050 inc GST

All these cylinders are Owner Gas cylinders and you outright own them,

Gas CYLINDERS, GAS REGULATORS, gas sets, welding gas sets,

GAS cylinder FILLING, Cylinder VALVES, Cylinder Testing

Gas hose, Gas cylinder bottle Caps

we can supply Argon Gas Valve,

 Oxygen cylinder Valve and

Co2 Valve and Nitrogen valve,

Co2 to argon adapters,

Filling wips for Gas cylinder

Filling gas cylinder New Zealand,

small medium and large, Gas cylinders nz





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